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Chodzieski Dom Kultury
ul. Strzelecka 15
64-800 Chodziez


logoInternational Chodziez Jazz-Workshop 2021

Sunday, 18th of July - Friday, 30th ofJuly 2021

For Information send your e-mail address to:
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The Corona situation in July and the resulting guidelines and regulations may, of course, have an influence on the course of the workshop.

The organizer: 
Chodzieski Dom Kultury (Culture House of Chodziez)
ul. Strzelecka 15
PL 64-800 Chodziez
Phone.: 0048-(0)67-2820-513

Artistic director:  Janusz Szrom

Pawel Chmiel (PL) - Homerecording
Tomasz Chyła (PL) - Violin
Pawel Dobrowolski (PL) – drums
Jerzy Główczewski (PL) – Saxophone, Flute
Bogdan Holownia (Pl) - Piano
Piotr Kaluzny (PL) - Theory
Dante Luciani (USA) - Trombone, Big Band
Dorota Miśkiewicz (PL) - Vocals
Attila Muehl (D) - Guitar
Krystyna Pronko (PL) - Vocals
Hans-Peter Salentin (D) - Trumpet
Rafal Sarnecki (PL) - Guitar
Maciej Sikala (PL) - Saxophone, Flute
Kacper Smoliński (PL) - Harmonica
Kuba Stankiewicz(PL) - Piano
Marek Strawinski (PL) - Vocals
Janusz Szrom (PL) - Vocals
Zbigniew Wrombel (PL) - Bass guitar & double bass

Masterclass (24.7.-25.7.): Curtis Howard – Drums, Danny Grisset - Piano, Marek Napiórkowski - Guitar, Piotr Baron - Saxophone, Janusz Szrom - Vocals, Michał Kielak - harmonica, Joris Teepe - double-bass

Rhythmsections for the singers: 
Poland-Israel Rhythm Section: Kuba Cichocki - piano, Ehud Ettun - bass, Adam Zagórski - drums
Lwow-Rythm Section: Anastazja Litwiniuk - piano, Michal Jaros - bass, Igor Hnydyn - drums

About Jazz Workshop: International Jazz Workshop Chodziez is open to all levels of students- from the Beginners to Advanced.
All participants should be able to read music and chord symbols, have a basic ability to play Blues and simple Jazz Standards. Instructions are given in the form of intensive daily instrumental classes, playing in combos and getting lessons in both Jazz Theory and Jazz Rhythm.
Big Band, as a form of an ensemble training, is put together every year from the participants being selected by the Big Band Director, and its repertoire ranges from the Big Band Classics to contemporary arrangements.
Every vocal class has its own Pianist and a Rhythm Section.
Jam Session will take place every evening, preceded by series of Mini-Concerts by the Faculty.
Each participant should bring his/her own instrument; some bass and guitar amplifiers as well as drum sets will be provided; drummers should bring their own cymbals, snare drums and both snare and cymbal stands.
There are acoustic pianos in the classrooms; however, some keyboards will also be available. Any keyboard player is welcome to bring his/her own keyboard!

Fees and Accommodation: Fees includes participation in ALL Workshop Activities (instructions and concerts) and covers the cost of housing and full meals (breakfast, dinner and supper). Fee for one person:

Accommodation in Camping (wooden houses behind CHDK): single room: 390,-€, double room: 345,-€ Ausgebucht!
Accommodation in CHDK Hostel (behind CHDK): single room: 460,-€, double room: 380,-€ Ausgebucht!
Accommodation in Internat (near CHDK): single room: 480,-€, double room: 410,-€ Ausgebucht!
Accommodation in Hotel Wyrwidab (3km, breakfast in hotel): single room: 675,-€, double room: 598,-€ Ausgebucht!
Accommodation in Hotel Straszny Dwor (top!, 800m to CHDK, breakfast in hotel): single room: 680,-€, double room: 600.-€ Ausgebucht!

Arrival date: Sunday, July 20th , departure is at Saturday, July 31th 2021.

International Jazz Workshop Chodziez 2021 will begin traditionally with the Faculty Concert.

For more information contact:
Stefan Volpert, Coubertinstr. 69, 48301 Nottuln, Tel.: 02502-1771, E-Mail:

The virtual Big-Band 2020:

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